Infrared Services

Enisave Solutions' IR inspection services are designed to provide companies with the many benefits of the technology without investment in additional equipment, training and personnel. Many Companies take advantage of Enisave Solutions Inspections IR consultants for special applications, equipment commissioning, vacationing technicians and new program setup. These services can also be used to quickly ramp up an effective infrared program as a facility starts to build an in-house program.

Outsourcing infrared consultants is the best solution in many situations. The reasons to conduct an infrared survey with an outside contractor such as Enisave Solutions IR vary from simply meeting insurance requirements to being part of a functional condition monitoring program. Regardless of the reason, infrared services from Enisave Solutions Inspections provide a one-stop shop from which you can have a complete infrared PdM program.

Our certified IR consultants bring decades of experience and knowledge in a wide range of infrared applications; such as commercial/industrial inspections, electrical and mechanical plant inspections, process inspections, utility inspections, etc. Your needs will determine the frequency of our inspections services. Enisave Solutions IR inspections can support routine quarterly inspections or large programs needing full-time placement of one of our technicians.

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